Articles and Essays on The Montreal Massacre 
                        a website for reflective thoughts on Marc Lépine, 
                                   the women who died on Dec. 6, 1989, and society
Sue McPherson   Response to Wikipedia article ‘École Polytechnique massacre’  7 May 2008.                  

Sue McPherson  About Class, Work, and the Montreal Massacre  problems with today’s 
feminists and feminist organizations (PAR-L, CLC). 27 Nov 2007. 3 pages.

Gilbert McInnis   Preface to The Die is Cast: a play about the Montreal massacre. 
1996 - 2006. (2900 words).

Sue McPherson  The Hidden Narratives: stories of the many in the Montreal Massacre
2006. conference paper. 8 pages (4700 words).   See web page

Richard Fidler  The Kirpan ruling: A Victory for Public School Integration (Socialist Voice, 2006).  
Added Mar. 2006.

Sue McPherson   Montreal Massacre -- More Than Violence Against Women    Added Dec. 2005

Glenn Burger   Montreal Massacre    (orig. publ. 1998).  Added Nov. 2005.

Sue McPherson   Perspectives on the Montreal Massacre: Canada's Outrage Revisited.  
 2005 (Revised 23 Nov. 2005). 36 pages.

John Orth  My Thoughts on the Montreal Massacre.  2004. (Revised 20 Nov. 2005). 2200 words.

Stephen Roney    Spare Us the White Ribbon Attack (orig. publ. 2002; written in 2001).  Added Nov. 2005.

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