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Sue McPherson Montreal Massacre 1989 - 2009
Added Dec 2009, revised and updated June, 2012

John Scott Comment. External links to Wikipedia article École Polytechnique
Massacre. Added 5 May 2008.

Ken MacKendrick Comment on The Hidden Narratives. Added 19 Oct. 2006.

Professor John Scott  Comment on The Hidden Narratives. Added 31 July 2006.

Mark Craven  Comment    Added 30 July 2006.

Dr. Brian P. Lynch  Comment on essay The Hidden Narratives: stories of the
many in the Montreal Massacre.  Added 12 July 2006.

Sue McPherson  Response to article by Richard Fidler     Added 15 March 2006.

Sue McPherson  Response to Ian Coombe's comment Added 25 Jan 2006.

Janet Rose  Comment      Added 24 January 2006.

Rev'd Campbell Paget  Comment    Added 16 January 2006.

Ian Coombe  Comment      Added 15 January 2006.

Sue McPherson  Response to article by Nelson Wyatt    Added Dec. 2005.  

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